FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I enroll? 
Click on the ENROLL NOW button where you will be directed to an enrollment form.


Q. What information is required to enroll?
To enroll, the system will ask for your name, email address, mailing address, phone, selected User ID, selected Password and payment information.


Q. Is your payment website secure? 


Q. Can I pay by check? 
No. We only accept money orders & credit cards.


Q. How will the charge appear on my credit card statement? 
The charge will show “PayPal - Travel Campus”.


Q. Do you offer a payment plans? 



Q. Do you sell my personal information to third parties? 


Q. How long should it take me to complete the course?
Since the course is self-paced, it is all up to you on how long it will take (90 days max allowed). We have seen learners finish in two weeks.


Q. Are textbook(s) or the deliverery training in a language other than English? 


Q. What information will I receive other than the textbook(s)? 
You will receive access to our learning management system where you will find a course outline along with specific information on each chapter covered including individual chapter quizes and final exam(s).


Q. Why are quizes/tests/exams required?
They are required to ensure your competency with the material. All quizes are required to move onto other chapters.


Q. Are all of the tests online? 
Yes. All individual chapter quizes and the final exam(s) are online.


Q. What determines passing grades?
80% or greater indicates proficiency in the subject matter.


Q. Can I retake chapter quizes? 
Yes, as many times as needed. The questions will be different for each retake.


Q. How many tests do I have to take?
There are typically one per chapter quiz and one final exam for each text.


Q. What is on the final exam? 
There are questions taken at random from the individual chapter quizes.


Q. Can I retake the final exam?
Yes, as many times as needed. The questions will be different for each retake.


Q. What if I am not satisfied with the training course, can I get a refund? 
Yes, the terms and conditions state that you are eligible for a refund minus the retail cost of the books as long as you provide Travel Agent Campus with a cancellation notice within 3 days of registration/enrollment.


Q. Do I receive a certificate of completion for taking the travel training course?
Yes. But keep in mind the training program was developed for host travel agency placement and it fulfills their entry requirements. Some host travel agencies may require other training. 



Q. Does this course guarantee me a job or success within the travel industry or operating my own home-based travel agency?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee success. However, the course will better prepare you for the challenges involved in starting your career and operating a home-based travel agency as there are inherent risks in doing so.



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